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 Race Order

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PostSubject: Race Order   Fri Jun 22, 2012 8:30 pm

Alright guys, Here is schedule and how it is going to go down.

Friday....Test and Tune fast track only

Sand drags: (Will be on the Sportmans lights 0.5 second per light)
Running order is

Pro-stock ET. Time Race
The Saturday E.T. race will be on DOTs
You will race in the same track Saturday for E.T. times, regisitration is $80 for two passes. (1st round right lane, Second round left lane) this should insure that everyone has the same track to race. We will invert the order switch lanes . and go another round. ( I was going to run a bubble, but then that tends to confuse people). This race will be on the Sportmans Lights. 0.5 seconds. It is paying back 3 places
4 and 6cyl

Shallow mudpit:
4 and 6 cyl

Then the Farmboy class in the deep pit....Dot and tractor tires allowed. No race trucks, the rest is soley upon the track official.


APWA Wrestling (Entertainment)

PRO-Stock Shootout
The Sunday Drag race is on Tire of your choice. The whole point of this race is when it's done the fastest set-up walks away with the cash.
This will be on the same track so by the time Sunday rolls around you will have an idea how it will run.
It is a $50.00 entery fee and paying back 1 place....(The Big Dawg)!!!!!! $1,000.00 (Will be on the Sportmans lights 0.5 second per light)

Sand Drags: (Will be on the Sportmans lights 0.5 second per light)

Shallow mudpit
Exit the track.

I hope to see ya all here!!!!
Should be a good race, definitly giving away enough money!!!!!

up up and away!!!!!!!!!!!
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Race Order
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