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 2010 final rules FOR THE MUD

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PostSubject: 2010 final rules FOR THE MUD   Thu Mar 25, 2010 10:59 am

These rules appear to be what we have finalized for this years events. Please look over them one more time.

I hope this is what you all wanted, and we continue to get the support that the track needs to maintain itself.

We are currently moving dirt to create a better parking situation for all the spectators.


Mud Bog Season 2010 Rules
4/6 cyl class
• Stock 4 or 6 cylinder gasoline motor
• STOCK matching body and frame
• Same height and width tires on all 4 wheels
• DOT tires
• 17” of vacuum @ 1000 RPMS
• Full exhaust

Street Class
• Full Exhaust down and back
• Big Block Full size Trucks only
• Must pull 17” of steady vacuum from the carb, or throttle body using the tech’s gauges
• Must have 4 uncut DOT tires of the same height and width with stamp on sidewall
• No aluminum heads or blocks
• Un cut matching body and frame

Hot Street Class
• Big Blocks full size Vehicles only
• Must pull 15” of steady vacuum from the carb, or throttle body using the tech’s gauges
• No Aluminum Blocks
• Same Height Tires, width may vary
• No aluminum Heads or blocks
• Uncut matching Body & Frame

Super- Street Class
• Any uncut DOT Tire set up
• Aluminium Heads allowed ( conventional style only)
• No Nitrous, Blowers
• Body & Motor Swaps allowed
• Must be street appearing body

Outlaw class


up up and away!!!!!!!!!!!
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2010 final rules FOR THE MUD
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